Sergio Pech

Graduated from the State School of Fine Arts, he has studies in drawing, serigraphy, sculpture and engraving. Sergio Pech plays with the whimsical and fantastic figurative art that invites us to participate in a social critique, preserves the images of its traditional landscape and its ancestral people, with a contemporary style; An example of this are the female or mestizo figures present in his works dressed in a simplified version of the hipil, the typical native clothing of Yucatan women.

Among his most important exhibitions are "Sueños en Azul", Justo Sierra Center for Higher Studies, Mérida, Yucatán (2004); "Green Flame", Kunst Hall Project Space, Vienna Austria and "Contemporary Art of Mexico", Mexican Cultural Institute, Vienna, Austria (2006); "Contemporary Art from Yucatan in Ethiopia", Zoma Contemporary Art Center / Addis Abeba Ethiopia (2006); "Wayak Maya. Visionary Art", José Martí Cultural Center, Mérida, Yucatán (2011). It is part of the Wayak Mayan Art Group.

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