Ariel Guzmán

Graduate in Visual Arts (National School of Painting "La Esmeralda", Mexico, DF) and Graduate in Graphic Design with a specialty in experimental photography and 16mm animated film (University of Hessen, Germany). In 1985, he was awarded a scholarship in Environmental and Furniture Design by SEP-INBA (University of Gothenburg, Sweden). He won 1st place, engraving category in the Annual Contest of the San Marcos Fair (Aguascalientes, Mexico); 2 honorable mentions in poster design (Germany); 2nd place, drawing category (1989) and second place in painting (1995) at the Yucatan National Biennial of Visual Arts. Two of his animated films have been presented at the Annecy, France and Uppsala, Sweden International Film Festivals. For 15 years he has worked as a designer and decorator for the hotel and restaurant industry. He has had 45 individual and 75 collective exhibitions in Mexico, Germany, Spain, the United States, Sweden and Cuba.

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